14.06.10 01:22 Age: 12 yrs

The western face of Maungawhau is changing

By: Kit Howden

Large scale clearance of privet has been carried on the western side of Maungawhau over the last 6 months by FoM volunteers.

In the next few months more will be cleared by contractors, The results are becoming visible  from  far away as  the N W Motorway.

This slope is an old quarry which was closed in 1886 when legal action forced the mining of the park to stop. Over the 120 years there has been planting of pines, and pohutukawas and general neglect resulting in a weed forest that is partly causing the remaining pohutukawa  to be in poor health.

Photo of dead privet stacked to reduce erosion

In addition archaeological features have been damaged by the unstable quarry slopes, weed forest and poor planting. The Friends estimate it is going to take at least 5 years of concentrated restoration to reverse the situation provided the volunteer action is backed by the Council.

The Friends want more volunteers to assist not only with the restoration but to join the campaign to get better professional care of volcanic cones.

Photo of volunteer removing old sheep netting that was strangling a pohutukawa

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