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Monday 12. of September 2011 Editorial: City's cones deserving of more respect

The field of volcanic cones that stretches across the Auckland isthmus from Manurewa to the North Shore provides the city with a unique setting. This has not always been appreciated, and the cones have not been as well protected...

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Wednesday 10. of August 2011 "Pou" on Southern Slope of Maunga

We are often asked about the significance of the sculpture or "Pou" that is located on the southern slope near the Owens Rd pedestrian entrance

Monday 25. of July 2011 FoM Submission on the Auckland Plan

Following is the Friends of Maungawhau submission to the Auckland City Council on the Auckland Plan

Category: Submissions

Tuesday 12. of July 2011 Celebrate World Rangers Day on Maungawhau

Join Friends of Maungawhau to celebrate World Ranger Day.

Friday 17. of June 2011 Tenderhooks

Volunteers toiling away in our parks are aghast at the Auckland Council's plans for our open space. No one is saying the word 'privatisation' out loud. But ... Edward Rooney reports on major changes afoot.

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Reports & Submissions