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Locals loving their Mountain!

By: Ian Fish

Last Sunday December 7th saw a record number of locals and visitors alike take part in the third annual Love Your Mountain Day on Mt Eden/Maungawhau.

Organisers of Love Your Mountain Day, volunteer group Friends Of Maungawhau, were thrilled with the turnout of around 800 locals and tourists, who enjoyed the sunshine and relished the opportunity to explore the mountain without traffic.

Angela and her display about the Admiral butterflies

Highlights of the day included guided walks of the Mountain  by Tamaki Hoki from Ngati Whatua, and  access to  Eden Garden and Government House Grounds (not normally open to the public). Other highlights included a Wishing Tree, where over 200 adults and children cast their wishes, and an educational treasure trail which proved popular with younger visitors.

Clive and his wish tree

The Old Kiosk, (Langtons) was set up as base camp for the day hosting displays of stinging nettles and rare admiral caterpillars along with historical and archaeological information about the mountain.

Marty giving away more coffee

"It was fascinating listening to people reminiscing about weddings and other functions they had attended at Langtons in years gone by. It seems like a crying shame the building canít be reincarnated and used by the local community." says Kit Howden from Friends of Maungawhau.

Sue explaining the archeology of the maunga

Organisers reported that the vast majority of motorists who were denied access to the summit road, in fact parked their cars and joined in the fun!

Keith and Jean on the bottom gate

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