01.04.09 21:31 Age: 9 yrs

Friends of Maungawhau update

By: Ian Fish

Things are moving ahead at a great rate in the ecological restoration work being undertaken at Batger Quarry and on the Southern Slope.

- Jean Barton has taken over the coordination of the volunteers. FoM now have up to 18 people working regularly on the ecological restoration of the Maunga - last year volunteers spent 1200 hours weeding, maintaining a track and caring for the Mountain.

- Last week the Friends received a grant from the Eden Albert Community Board to undertake a large restoration weeding and planting programme.

- Rob Jones has done wonders in getting donations of gardening equipment.

- Ian Fish is leading the group that are planning the 2009 Love Your Mountain Day (date: 6th December - mark it in your diary) and is organising new signage as well as keeping the website and membership list up to date.

- We are currently in the process of setting up FoM as a Charitable Trust. Hopefully this will lead to a greater amount of donations, but will also need changes to our constitution and involve increased governance issues. Help here would be appreciated from those who have technical knowledge.

- Good news from the Royal Commission on Volcanic Cones - However more work for us on these strategic points as the restructuring of Auckland takes place.

- Friends of Maungawhau are in the process of creating a draft plants list for the Maunga. Feedback is appreciated. If anyone requires a copy of the draft list please contact Kit Howden

- Next FoM meeting Tues 7 April 7.30 pm at Old Kiosk - see you there.

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