08.04.09 19:29 Age: 9 yrs

'The Workers' Report

By: Jean Barton

G'day fellow weeders

Thought we might do a brief report after each Tues session, just to keep you up with the riveting developments and stunning progress each week. No doubt those who weren't there will be kicking themselves at having missed out.

Yesterday we had Keith, me, Kit and April at Batger Rd. I must have scared everybody else off by revealing our grandiose plans, cunningly labelled "minor projects" - obviously that didn't fool anybody.

April and I worked at the foot of the slope, where it narrows to a point beyond the 2 puriri trees, clearing the flat area between the slope and the fence. Mostly grass clumps with some large old climbing dock and bindweed roots. We bagged the dock and left the rest in smallish heaps to dry out.

Kit worked on the track for a while then joined Keith at the far end of where we have reached, at the edge of the jungle. They mainly pulled out honeysuckle - some huge roots - and the odd moth plant, and cleared quite a bit along the fence.
We will be away for Easter; back on the mountain Tues 14th, possibly a bit later than 0930, depending on traffic.
We now have hi-vis vests - orange or fluoro green - to wear while working, emblazoned with Volunteer/ Friends of Maungawhau and the FOM website. Keith got the idea one day when Ben wore a bright orange T-shirt and was very easy to find. Wearing the vest gives you a strangely "official" feeling at first but you get used to it. And the pockets are handy.
Happy Easter

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