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Friends of Maungawhau Annual Report 2009-2010

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By: Kit Howden

The Friends of Maungawhau [FoM] are a small active community group advocating for improved heritage management of Maungawhau and other heritage volcanic landscapes. Members also demonstrate this by doing volunteer work on the Mountain.

  1. Members

    Members are those on the email list and those that offer moral and financial support. Keen members attend meetings and help out as volunteers. Our site members include:
    96 Registered members
    67 Volunteers
    36 others making a total of 199 contacts  

  2. Volunteers

    Vegetation Restoration
    To the 30 June 2009 members put in over 1000 hours volunteer hours of physical work on the Mountain restoring native vegetation and maintaining a track in the old Batger quarry  on the slopes to the south and north.

    Major areas to the north of the quarry have been  cleared of privet.

    Every Tues. at 9.30 am volunteers have gathered at the end of Batger St to undertake weeding, track maintenance and planting.  Information is  circulated  to the active volunteers via theworkers(at)[dot]nz  email.  Jean Barton acts as the volunteer coordination and keeps the group together with  the  informative news each week.

    Pest Animal control
    Rob Jones and a band of volunteer maintain traps and bait stations around the mountain. In a 6 week period up to end of May over 400 baits had been taken.

  3. Advocacy and Education

    FoM are active in advocating improved care and management on Maungawhau and this year members had:
    - Numerous meetings with Council officers and started a monthly operations meeting to concentrate on the maintenance following the removal of cattle.
    - Submission and reports to the Community Board
    - Made submissions on the fire plan  - still to be resolved.
    - Submission to the  select committee on the super city and pleasing to see that the spatial plan changes to include elements such as landscape and heritage that will protect parks like the volcanic cones.
    - Funding applications - thanks to our new secretary April
    - The website is being used an education resource. Ian Fish has spoken to schools.  Most information is being put on

  4. Love Your Mountain Day

    This has been a great success and The forth annual Love Your Mountain Day on Maungawhau / Mt Eden was held on  Sunday 6th December.

    The road to the Summit was closed to vehicles and many locals and visitors enjoyed a walk over the Maunga and through the historic Government House grounds.

    The acclaimed Eden Garden on the eastern slope of the Maunga  was also open to the public on the day.

    Karen Jane and Ian did a great job of coordinating the event with the help and support of Eden Coffee.

  5. Implementation of the management plan, main issues and the future

    A list out lining many issues some of which have been around for a decade and have not been fully answered or following up with the Council  - This is appended to this report.

    This list forms the basis of the issues to take forward into the new Council.

  6. Support and Thanks

    The support of April as secretary and Keith as Treasurer has enabled the Friends to start to make more progress in a far more business like way in order to  gain funding and start to move towards charity status.

    At present we have Susan Bulmer as our Honorary Archaeologist

    David Bowden the ACC volunteer coordinator has been very supportive as well as initiating a SLIPS grant to get the Batger Rd track up graded [ work to start in June]

    Ian Fish keeps the excellent web site going.

    The Eden / Albert Community Board supported FoM with funding. Thanks to the Board and Councillors and Board members.

    Lastly the great support from Eden Coffee. Many thanks Lisa and Marty.

    Finally thanks to all the volunteers and committed community in protecting our heritage.

Kit Howden
Chairman and Executive Director Friends of Maungawhau                       
16 June  2010

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