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Mountain of love needed for volcanic cone

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Maisie Moncrieff and Jonathon Hill have several generations between them.

Maisie Moncrieff, 80, and Jonathon Hill, 11, are volunteering on Love Your Mountain Day. The event aims to help Aucklanders appreciate Mt Eden. photo Jason Oxenham

But the duo share a very important goal - to protect the beauty of their favourite volcanic cone.

Maisie, 80, and Jonathon, 11, will show their support for Mt Eden by volunteering on Love Your Mountain Day.

The event is organised to help people appreciate the landscape and history of Mt Eden by exploring the mountain and learning more about its history.

Volunteers will help out by directing traffic, passing out flyers and hosting guided tours.

"If your community is worth living in, it's worth doing something like this," says Maisie, who's lived in Mt Eden for 41 years.

"It's a great showpiece and something for us to be very proud of."

The event is being organised by Ian Fish and Kit Howden from the Friends of Maungawhau, with support from Auckland City Council, Ngati Whatua o Orakei, Eden Coffee and Volunteering Auckland.

Tours will take in Eden Garden and the grounds of Government House. People can also explore the mountain without being disturbed because the summit will be closed to cars.

Auckland Normal Intermediate pupil Jonathon regularly visits Mt Eden with his friends and wants to give something back.

"All these people go up there, so it would be kind of selfish of us not to help," he says.

Maisie says the summit is always the first place she takes overseas visitors.

"Tourists can't believe the view that we've got," she says.

"So many people take it for granted but it's beautiful."

Love Your Mountain Day is on December 2.

About 20 volunteers have signed up, but more are needed to help out between 10am and 4pm.

"We are thrilled at the diversity of locals who have already put their hands up to help," Mr Fish says.

Each volunteer will receive a t-shirt and a bag of coffee.

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