12.07.11 19:21 Age: 7 yrs

Celebrate World Rangers Day on Maungawhau

By: Ian Fish

Join Friends of Maungawhau to celebrate World Ranger Day.

Maungawhau Mt Eden is one of a number of heritage sites on the NZ tentative list for world heritage status and is located only 10 minutes bus ride from the centre of Auckland, NZ largest City

WHEN: Sunday 31st July 10.30 am

WHERE: Batger Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland NZ


  • Smoko - morning tea provided as we Boil the Billy in the ANZAC tradition
  • A few native climbers will be planted at the base of the old exotic pines
  • Brief talk on the International Rangers Federation, the Thin Green Line and the Zakopine Declaration.

World Ranger Day is celebrated around the world on July 31st each year on the anniversary of the founding of the International Rangers Federation IRF an organization that supports the work of rangers and those at the frontline in protecting parks and conservation. World Ranger Day will also be a day to remember the many rangers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.

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