16.10.08 20:01 Age: 9 yrs

Butterflies on the Maunga

By: Ian Fish

Friends of Maungawhau have been in discussion with butterfly experts including people from the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust, as a result we will be encouraging habitats for these insects on the Maunga.

Yellow Admiral laying eggs on a
stinging nettle -
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Our initial plans include the spreading of seed and planting of the native Stinging Nettle (Urtica Incisa), this is an important feeding plant for the Yellow Admiral butterfly (Bassaris itea)

Other habitats we will be encouraging are piles of wood, rotting logs and wood chips for butterflies, reptiles and wetas; Rocks (which we have an abundance of...) in sunny spots for reptiles, butterflies and a range of insects.

Lacebark, rewarewa, koromiko, five finger and kanuka provide nectar for butterflies and moths.

Cabbage tree moths fancy the cabbage tree; the Puriri moth can feed off puriri, marbleleaf and wineberry.

If you are interested in this aspect of the mountain and can help us out please contact us.

You can find out more information at

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