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Slip on Maunga and graffiti update

By: Kit Howden

On 24 July we contacted the Council concerning a surface slip a few days previously just below the summit road. We offered our assistance and asked for direction as to what we should do.

Slip below access road

graffiti at Tahaki Reserve

We suggested that heavy traffic be stopped and additional planting be undertaken to control the slip.  

At present Council consultants are investigating.

This brings up the issue of safety and the gradual erosion of the Maunga.  

In addition the vegetation plan needs to be completed in detail to deal with this type of erosion. It should take guidance from various  reports [ e.g.  the Council Geotechnical 2000 report]; and give guidance to the volunteer programme.

Also of concern is  crime and graffiti - again Council is spending massive amounts in cleaning up however there appears to be no overall strategy?  

I stopped a police car on Fri 25th after observing the behaviour of 2 groups of people in the park. They were off to a more urgent case but said that they would return.

The volunteers sometimes find stolen property and a purse and contents were returned to a victim on that day.

Thieves are active on the summit.  As a first step security cameras might assist and could be a better use of funds - also community patrols? Again the police can not do it all and a ranger and/or honorary ranger service would help here.

Any ideas / assistance would be appreciated.
Kit Howden
Friends of Maungawhau

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