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Friends of Maungawhau Update

Category: FoM Reports

By: Ian Fish

Latest update on volunteer activities on the Maunga

  • We have been getting up to 9 volunteers attending the Tuesday morning planting/weeding sessions at Batger Road/Owens Road. With the recent rain and warm temperatures plants (and weeds) are thriving.
  • We have planted more nettles at the bottom of the Batger Quarry in our efforts to attract the Admiral Butterfly to the Maunga.
  • Elaine Marshall has moved out of the Mt Eden area, and her patch (Area 2 - on the lower side of the track at the Batger Rd end) is now looking for someone else to care for it. Thanks for all your work over the past years Elaine.
  • We have been very concerned about people bush-crashing through the area above the track, causing repeated damage to this extremely fragile, painstakingly restored area. Letters have been written to Council with no discernible result.
    In late August an early morning vigil was held, after about an hour the sound of someone moving through the bush was heard and a person was discovered clambering down through the vegetation.
    When queried it was discovered the person was collecting firewood, and had been weekly over a period of some time. When it was pointed out the damage that was being caused the person left in some embarrasment.
  • Unfortunately people appear to still be crashing through this area, we have just erected some new signs at the top of the area. Please keep an eye out for people in this area.
  • A number of audio interviews relating to weeds, native plants and birds have been linked from our website. One interesting fact: Every 39 days a new weed becomes established in NZ!
    Links here.
  • Kit has spoken to Water Care over the fencing off of the reservoir - They have an engineers report that the roof of the structure is unsafe - We have asked them to put a sign up to explain the situation. Work will take a few years - hopefully in time for the rugby world cup. Water care will liaise with FoM over the restoration. Also Water Care are glad that the cattle have been removed from the Maunga - they presented a potential health hazard to water in the reservoirs as well as a structural issue with the roof.
  • We are putting together a list of pest plants on the Maunga - this is required for the Council vegetation operations. Those who have the technical knowledge or want to add and comment please contact us.

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