12.08.08 17:19 Age: 10 yrs

For the Common Good

By: Kit Howden

Congratulations to the ARC in acquiring the prime coastal land between the pristine Te Arai and Pakiri beaches in northern Rodney.

It is ethical for councils  to protect such land for the greater public good and more needs to be done.  Too often the battle charge to protect open space and heritage is left to small voluntary community groups.   

In other areas of greater Auckland the  Volcanic Cones Society and Long Bay Great Park Society have had  success in the Environment Court to protect our heritage  for future generations. It can not be left to these groups and government has to play a greater role.

The present Regional Open Space Strategy is weak, lacks teeth and needs greater advocacy. Such a future plan needs to  direct park land acquisition well ahead of development. This also applies to the growing conflicts of use within finite park land within Auckland's cities  which results from in-fill development and population growth.

The people pressure and erosion on Maungawhau Mt Eden is one such example.  Let us hope that the Royal Commission will address these issues when they report in December this year.

Kit Howden
Friends of Maungawhau
(this letter to the editor was published in the NZ Herald on 11-08-2008)

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