29.03.09 20:40 Age: 9 yrs

Cattle Cause Damage to vegetation on Maungawhau Mt Eden

By: Kit Howden

Today a volunteer on Maungawhau Mt Eden reported cattle amongst an protected area on the southern slopes of Mt Eden. Damage was done to palatable native species such as kawakawa and Whau [the plant Maungawhau is named after]

Kit Howden the Chairman of the friends of Maungawhau said the damage was reduced by the quick action of a volunteer, the Auckland City call centre and the long time grazer Peter Linton. Sabotage is not ruled out because a lock looks as though it has been cut. Also, the fencing and gates are in poor condition and have not been upgraded for decades. The grazer does good maintenance however the capital asset is a Council responsibility.

Kit Howden also said this incident comes at a critical time with the vegetation plan being finalised. This plan may become management template for the other volcanic cones of Auckland.

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