Monday 19. of April 2010 Autumn News from the New Forest on the Maunga

Five to ten Volunteers from the Friends of Maungawhau gather each Tues morning to help care for the "Forest of Maungawhau".

Thursday 25. of February 2010 Kit Howden: Challenges for Maungawhau and the Heritage Parks of Auckland

Maungawhau, Mt Eden stands at cross roads and a symbol of the lack of care of our heritage public parks and volcanic cones. We have over the years made so many good arguments and still no changes.

Tuesday 23. of February 2010 Greg Smith: City's volcanoes deserve World Heritage status

Ferdinand von Hochstetter, after visiting Auckland in 1858, wrote, "Der Isthmus von Auckland ist zugleich eine der eigentümlichsten vulkanischen Gegenden der Erde".


This weighty statement describes Auckland as one of the most...

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Tuesday 02. of February 2010 Maungawhau and other greater Auckland volcanic cones to come under a co management arrangement with Iwi

Finally progress is being made to get better management of Auckland's volcanic cones with the formation of Nga Mana Whenua o Tamaki Makaurau which will be the new governing organization of these icons of Auckland. The Friends of...

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Monday 01. of February 2010 Coffee Grounds used on Maunga as mulch

A group of women called "The Village People" have been working towards a sustainable future and zero waste in Mt Eden village for the past 5 years.

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