Sunday 12. of October 2008 Brian Rudman: Big hole for the vision department

When will our city fathers and mothers realise that it's only in fairy tales that repeating phrases like "world class vision" three times makes your wish happen. In the real world, you have to do the hard work first.

Category: Media

Sunday 05. of October 2008 A Tuesday on the Maunga

Every Tuesday morning volunteers from the Friends of Maungawhau gather on the western and southern slopes of the international heritage park of Maungawhau, Mt Eden to help restore native vegetation and maintain walking tracks.

Thursday 21. of August 2008 They'll be coming around the mountain

Joanna Davies of The Aucklander looks at the latest chapter in the saga of Mt Eden - a $3.5 million makeover for its dilapidated tearooms

Category: Media

Monday 18. of August 2008 Archaeology of Maungawhau

We have added a new section on the Archaeology of Maungawhau with related maps.

Tuesday 12. of August 2008 ACC 'exploring options' for visitor centre & transport on Mt Eden

ACC are currently exploring options for a visitor centre and transport on the cone. The aim is to improve visitor experiences to Maungawhau-Mt Eden, while protecting the integrity of the cone.

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