Wednesday 01. of April 2009 Friends of Maungawhau update

Things are moving ahead at a great rate in the ecological restoration work being undertaken at Batger Quarry and on the Southern Slope.

Wednesday 01. of April 2009 NZ native plants face threat of extinction

Brightly coloured kaka beak is dwindling in the wild - putting it at risk of becoming more common in British gardens than it is in its natural home.

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Sunday 29. of March 2009 Cattle Cause Damage to vegetation on Maungawhau Mt Eden

Today a volunteer on Maungawhau Mt Eden reported cattle amongst an protected area on the southern slopes of Mt Eden. Damage was done to palatable native species such as kawakawa and Whau [the plant Maungawhau is named after]

Wednesday 18. of March 2009 Volunteering in NZ

Volunteering Auckland and Volunteering NZ are seeking information on the state of volunteering from their members - The Friends of Maungawhau answers are as follows:

Sunday 14. of December 2008 Locals loving their Mountain!

Last Sunday December 7th saw a record number of locals and visitors alike take part in the third annual Love Your Mountain Day on Mt Eden/Maungawhau.

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