LYMD Theme Song

We now have a theme song for Love Your Mountain Day, thanks to the very talented Sam RB who played for us at LYMD 2014.

Sam has gifted Blue Sky Day to the Friends of Maungawhau. It's the first track on her third album, Finding Your Way Home.

You can watch the video below, and download the song free of charge from Bandcamp

(Under 'digital track', Click 'Buy Now name your price', and enter $0.00)

Thank you, Sam!

Blue Sky Day by Sam RB

Don't look like rain to me

Can you tell me what you see

That makes you say 

It's going to rain today


All I see is blue sky blue

And afar a cloud or two

What makes you say

It's going to rain today


Here we go again

Something's gone changed it

Here we go again


Don't look up, don't look down

Side to side, don't look round

Just close your eyes

Think of me

Thinking of you

Thinking of you

Thinking of you

To listen to more of Sam RB's music, head to: