Batger Quarry Restoration Project

On a steep, unstable two hectare site (previously quarried) on the western face of the maunga volunteers are (under difficult circumstances) putting in many hours of hard work towards replacing invasive exotic plants with a native vegetation cover which will, hopefully in the long term, be largely self-maintaining.

Use of herbicides is minimal. Exotic plants, even expanses of such plants as honeysuckle, jasmine, ivy and tradescantia, are removed by patient and thorough handweeding.

This labour intensive approach is being well rewarded with impressive natural regeneration of a range of bird-dispersed natives (but particularly kawakawa, cabbage tree and coprosma), and also of a few fern species (particularly the splendid shining spleenwort).

In the past 4 years volunteers have put in over 3300 hours of work into this area.

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