Batger Quarry Restoration Project

Batger Quarry is a steep, unstable disused quarry site on the western side of Maungawhau. For more than two decades, volunteers have put in many hours of hard work towards replacing invasive exotic plants with a native vegetation cover which will, hopefully in the long term, be largely self-maintaining.

The weed clearance has required intensive work, and all major weeds are now down to remnant levels. Our labour-intensive approach is being well rewarded with impressive natural regeneration of a range of bird-dispersed natives (particularly kawakawa, cabbage tree and coprosma), and also of a few fern species (particularly the splendid shining spleenwort, and the relict sickle fern (Pellaea falcata).

More information about the site can be found in the ecological report by Melissa Marler, commissioned by Friends of Maungawhau in 2013.

FoM volunteers continue to meet every Tuesday morning to work in Batger Quarry and on other parts of the maunga. If you are interested in helping on a casual or regular basis, please contact our volunteer coordinator Jean Barton by email or phone 630-7010.

Batger Quarry in 1899 and in 2014 (looking eastward from Mt Eden Road)

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