Our Vision for Maungawhau

  • Working in partnership with local Maori tribes to achieve a cultural presentation of Maungawhau appropriate to their spiritual and educational aspirations.
  • Remove all structures on the Mountain not relevant to the unique cultural, historic and geological site.
  • Designate the road for pedestrians to better accommodate school classes and tourists and offer a more interesting and relevant experience of the site.
  • To maintain a network of walking tracks to assist preventing erosion and adding to the enjoyment, education and use of the Mountain while assisting in preventing erosion and harm to the site.
  • To have professional on site rangers assisted by volunteers and honorary rangers to meet, assist and deal with use issues on the Mountain.
  • To provide educational material and events for the public about Maungawhau and the surrounds.
  • To promote the international heritage significance of the Mountain and the volcanic cones of greater Auckland.
  • To encourage higher standards of heritage management and a Park Care ethic in the care of the Mountain.
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