Vision statement

Our aims are to assist in bringing the mountain back into a state of natural balance, based on native flora and fauna, without endangering its archaeological and geological heritage, while public access is maintained in a benign and sustainable manner.

We support

  • Cost-effective, professional heritage management based on standards that are determined in conjunction with the community.
  • A network of walking tracks that will add to people's enjoyment and knowledge of the maunga while preventing erosion and harm to the site.
  • Removal of all structures on the maunga not relevant to its unique cultural landscape.
  • Professional on-site rangers and kaitiaki assisted by volunteers and honorary rangers.
  • Availability of information that conveys the history and significance of the maunga and promotes greater respect for the site.
  • Concession fees so that all commercial and tourism operators on Maungawhau contribute to its sustainable management.
  • Nomination of the Auckland Volcanic Field as a UNESCO World Heritage site, conditional upon better protection and management of the cones as prerequisites.
  • Revision of the Reserves Act 1977 and the Council's heritage parks towards a protected-area vision based on international guidelines from the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Our aims:

  • To assist the Tūpuna Maunga Authority and Auckland Council, while maintaining our independence as a citizen-led volunteer group.
  • To help manage the vegetation on the maunga, while being aware of cultural heritage, biodiversity and environmental issues.
  • To provide advice and representation in matters to do with Auckland's volcanic heritage and parks network.
  • To liaise and co-operate with like organisations in New Zealand and elsewhere in matters of common interest.
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