Immediate Aims of Friends Of Maungawhau

  • Work with Auckland City Council, the present administrators of the Mountain, to establish efficient cost effective, professional, heritage management. This requires a more transparent approach to setting standards and having these determined in conjunction with the community rather than by a complex of consultants and staff.
  • Ensure basic heritage management is dealt with first rather than through elaborate costly projects. Basic management includes protection of the boundaries, acquiring land and saving other volcanic cones in the region.
  • Implement the management plan after consulting with interested citizens.
  • Actively involve volunteers in the care and management of the Mountain.
  • Work with members the local community, council and Historic Places Trust to develop a practical, cost effective approach to the management of vegetation that addresses both cultural heritage, bio diversity and environmental issues.
  • Progressively remove vehicles from the Mountain and have a transport system for the disabled and others who can not walk to the summit.
  • Have all commercial operators including coaches pay concessions for the use of the Mountain.
  • Prevent the domination of the Mountain by commercial and tourist interests and maintain full public walking access and enjoyment.
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