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Maungawhau is an iconic landscape feature of Auckland and receives over 1.2 million visits a year yet there is no integrated operations plan to control erosion, weeds, commercial activity, crime and restoration of the natural vegetation. Many tourists arrive without knowing the special cultural importance of the Maunga to Maori.

Volunteer group the Friends of Maungawhau Inc., Ngati Whau and Auckland City Council are helping to restore native plants and improve the heritage protection, enjoyment and safety of Maungawhau, Mt Eden.

Maungawhau has a human history of over 1000 years and is a heritage site of international significance. The Maunga or Mountain is sacred to Maori and many local people.

The Mountain is a unique landscape feature; it was active between 10,000 to 20,000 years ago and has one of the best preserved scoria cones and craters of the remaining Auckland volcanoes.

There is need for greater care of the mountain as use increases. Overuse and damage is seen in the eroded tracks, more rubbish, graffiti and weeds taking over from native plants.

The Friend of Maungawhau submissions were acknowledged in the recent Royal Commissions Report on the future governance on Auckland:


"8.41 Volcanic cones are prized as iconic natural assets of the region. Submitters on this topic said that there is currently no uniform level of protection for volcanic cones across all territorial authorities, and recommended that they might be better managed by larger units of local government. It was proposed that the volcanic field be managed under one agency and that tourism and other users on that land should be carefully monitored. It was noted that the cones are in the process of consideration for nomination as a World Heritage site under the Unesco convention on world cultural and natural heritage sites.
Several submitters saw a role for iwi in co-management of volcanic cones such as Maungawhau. The Friends of Maungawhau group suggested establishing a region-wide park ranger or kaitiaki service along with citizens and volunteers to manage Maungawhau, other volcanic cones, regional parks, and other significant parks".



The Commission  partly recommended a ranger / kaitiaki service to better manage the Volcanic Cones of Auckland and the Minister for Local Government, Rodney Hide has expressed support but much more needs to be done.

Join the group of Volunteers who are helping to protect the heritage and advance the biodiversity of Maungawhau, Mt Eden.

We need help with:

  • Pest control
  • Track maintenance
  • Working with neighbours
  • Attending training sessions
  • Caring for the plant nursery
  • Safety and volunteer welfare
  • Weeding and releasing native plants
  • Monitoring vegetation
  • Writing submissions and making presentations to Council
  • Advocacy and publicity
  • Organising social activities
  • Secretarial and fundraising work

Maungawhau Volunteers focus on the Batger Quarry Restoration Project. Other projects are encouraged.

Maungawhau Volunteers operate as an informal group with participants acting as individuals in their recreation role on public land within a Park Care ethic.



You are beautiful
in all weathers,
even when you are crying.
Caught in a squall,
high on your open hillside,
the track keeping pace
with my restlessness.

At last, near the top,
I can stop, thankfully

The sound of the rain
on the leaves, the smell
of the earth. Tasting you
on my skin.

Judy Haswell
© 1997

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